Ashe juniper, Blueberry juniper

Juniperus ashei Buchholz

Cupressaceae (Cypress family)


This evergreen tree is a perennial, cool- and warm-season native. It is commonly called cedar but is not a true cedar. Ashe juniper produces limbs from the main trunk that are generally straight and are used commercially as fence posts.

The slender leaves are sharp pointed, each with a gland on the back that can be round or elliptical, pink or greenish. On long leaves, these glands are elongated and tapering. From seedling to 2 years old, Ashe juniper bears leaves that are awl shaped or needlelike.

The blue-black berry has a waxy, white bloom. The dark gray or brown bark breaks into long, pliable strips.

Ashe juniper provides fair grazing for wildlife and poor grazing for livestock.


An aggressive invader, ashe juniper is found mostly on limestone and shallow, rocky soils in Texas. It is most commonly found in the Central Texas region.