Allthorn, Crown of Thorns

Koeberlinia spinosa



Allthorn is a native, warm-season, perennial shrub that can reach heights up to 23 feet. It is a thick, green, mass of thorns that remains leafless throughout most of the year. Allthorn will, however, after rain, sprout small, alternating leaves for a short period of time.

The fruit of Allthorn consists of 4-8 small, black berries which are preceded by tiny greenish-white flowers with 4 petals.

The new growth of Allthorn is highly palatable and is grazed by cattle and wildlife. When the plant matures it loses its value for cattle and can actually cause punctures and tears to the skin. The wildlife value remains good throughout the plant's growth.


It is found on most soil types, from gravelly to sandy, throughout the Trans-Pecos and Rio Grande Plains.