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Current Exhibit :

By the Book:  Art from the Benz Books

(January 2019)




The M. Benz Gallery of Floral Art at Texas A&M University was created to provide a setting for fine art collection from the Benz estate. Display cases in this park-like atrium of the Horticulture/Forest Science Building hold exhibits for the pleasure of students and the community-at-large.

The Benz collection contains sculptures and bronze vessels representing the period from the birth of Christ up through to the present. Pictorial art portrays the Renaissance period through the Modernists, with emphasis on Oriental block prints and Western wildlife. Ceramic containers range from the earliest Aztec period to the most contemporary, displaying many techniques and types of glazes. In addition, an extensive array of photography captures people and places, flowers and plants, art and design on a global scale. Of special interest are the gold orchids cast by the “lost-wax method” from fresh blossoms from Mr. Benz’ own collection. Since its dedication in April 1986, the M. Benz Gallery of Floral Art has provided an environment in which students of the Benz School and Texas A&M University can experience floral design as the fine art envisioned by M. “Buddy” Benz.


Parking for a fee available in lot #72 and West Campus parking garage during the work week or at no charge for weekend special gallery events.



Visage:  The Manu Faces of Art (August 2018)


From the East (January 2018)


Cookies Allowed (June  2017)

Cookie Jars for the 1930s – 1970s


January 2017

Cabinets of Curiosity



August 2016

Finding Art Through Parks


January 2016


January 2016

From the Earth



August 2015

From Head to Toe



January 2015

Art with a Texas Accent

Highlighting Texas Artists

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Robert Quill Johnson

Robert Quill Johnson





Leticia Eldridge

Leticia Eldridge









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August 2014


Expression of Nature:  Botanically Inspired Art  January 2014






Bronze Lily Pad

Bronze Lily Pad

Margaret Mee Botanical Print Display

Margaret Mee Botanical Print Display

Ceramic Bowl Close-up

Ceramic Bowl Close-up






“After the Sale…the art of shopping bag design”

January 28, 2013


Approximately 28 years ago, one of Mr. Buddy Benz’s sisters contacted the  Benz School of Floral Design at Texas A&M University and mentioned that she had found some interesting shopping bags, many of which had belonged to Mr. Benz.  Those bags became the first acquisitions of what would become the Benz Gallery of Floral Art Shopping Bag collection.  Over the years, Mr. Jim Johnson, who was serving as the Benz School director, kept his eyes open for unique and iconic styles of bags.  He brought bags back to the collection from around the world.  Word spread that a collection had started and soon bags were being donated by students, faculty, visitors and even other museums.  In the summer of 2012, Mr. Johnson began to organize this collection with the help of an assistant.  By the time the sorting and categorizing was completed, they had counted over 5000 shopping bags.  Duplicates were pulled out, damaged bags were discarded, gift bags were removed from the collection and what remained were three separate collections for traveling exhibits and a permanent collection for the Benz Gallery.  The oldest bag in the collection dates to around the 1930’s: a crocheted Marshall Fields bag.  A particularly special bag in the collection has the images of the World Trade Center Towers with the words: It’s a wonderful world across the top. The exhibit of over 125 bags is now on display at the Benz Gallery of Floral Art in the Horticulture/Forest Science Building on the TAMU campus. The building is open from 8am-5pm, Monday–Friday.  There is no admission charge.


“Color Perception” – September 9, 2012




Framed Chemistry/Wearable Botany

by JoLoè Art – Guest artists Loela Barry ‘98 and Johan Kritzinger


Closed –  March 16, 2012


Abstract Expressions – from the Benz Collection of Floral Art


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