Basic Class Info

The Basic Design course is a two week curriculum that is designed for both beginning floral students as well as professional florists.  There are no prerequisites or degrees required to attend the Basic Design course.

Horticulture and Forest Science Building at Texas A&M University

Because classes are limited to small numbers, the instructors are able to provide you with personal supervision at all times. Our students learn about every aspect of the florist business, including corsages, sympathy tributes, decorative treatment of potted plants, European dish gardens, all styles of geometric design, wedding flowers, and decorations for receptions and parties.

Students who completes the 70-hour Basic Design course will receive a handsome Certificate of Completion bearing the names of the Benz School and Texas A&M University. Former students have often said that the Benz School diploma is their best recommendation. Advanced courses are available for persons who have completed the Basic Design program.

If requested before classes begin, Texas A&M University will furnish a transcript of the Continuing Education Units (CEUs) you earn at the Benz School. The CEU is recognized by employers, associations, and organizations across the nation. The Benz School also is approved by the National Vocation Rehabilitation Act, which makes financial benefits available to students who qualify.

The Benz School of Floral Design is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Universities, the agency that provides accreditation for Texas A&M University. The school also is approved by the National Vocational Rehabilitation Act.

Major Curriculum Topics for the Basic Class Include:

Floral Arrangements
Students will study step-by-step production methods and participate in hands-on training to make practical designs for home, hospital, church, and business. Design and mechanics are explained in detail–from the simplest to the more elaborate and for special occasions of all kinds.

Elements and Principles of Design
Although study of the elements and principles of design are included throughout the curriculum, a special lecture is devoted to this topic as it applies to floral design.

Living Jewelry (corsages)
Students make fashionable corsage designs of orchids, roses, and many other flowers, using the latest ideas for formal and casual occasions. The practical aspects of styling–whether shoulder or coiffure design, wristlet, or boutonniere–are studied in relation to taste, appropriate design, and profit.

Wedding Design
Students become familiar with all aspects of wedding specialists. Instructions include servicing and conducting a wedding consultation, as well as ceremony etiquette and set up procedures. Lecture and lab participation focus on detailed methods of constructing all types of bridal bouquets, with emphasis on contemporary styling and fresh flowers.

Sympathy Tributes
This important phase of the florist industry receives careful instruction at the Benz School. Students will learn the basics of preparing funeral designs efficiently yet beautifully, from the inexpensive to the more costly. Detailed directions are demonstrated on the construction of each type of floral tribute, including easel and casket sprays, wreaths, and fraternal and conventional emblems.

Potted Plant Trims
Students receive instruction in various methods of display and mechanics of decorating a potted plant to accent a plant’s beauty. Contemporary trends, new materials, and recent techniques are accented in creating memorable designs.

European Dish Gardens
In this popular exercise, you will transplant flowering and foliage plants into a dish garden and use natural accessories to embellish the design form.

Shop Management
The successful operation of a florist shop often depends as much on management as on the talent of the floral designer. At the Benz School, you will learn about profitable buying and selling, percentage mark-up (pricing), salesmanship, and other vital management necessities. Much attention is devoted to ensuring greater profit as well as increased customer satisfaction. In addition, students study an array of business-related topics such as care and handling of plants and flowers, advertising and selling, shop display, and employee relations.


The ShopKeeper, Johnson and McKinley (provided as part of class fee)

Flowers:  Creative Design, Johnson, McKinley, Benz  (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and available for an extra fee of $70.00)

2015 Schedule for Basic Design (two-week classes)

  • July 20-31, 2015

Classes meet Monday through Friday, 9 – 5, in Room 108 (Floral Design Studio), Horticulture / Forest Science Building at Texas A & M University.  Students are encouraged to bring their own set of basic tools that would include a floral knife, stem cutters/snips, wire cutters and ribbon scissors.

Tuition is $995.00 which includes a $275.00 deposit required at the time of application for the Basic Design class.  The deposit will be refunded if cancellation notice is received five (5) business days before the start of classes.


If you would like to register for the this two week course, please click on the following Registration Form link or contact Ann Boney at (979) 845-1699

Electronic (Web) Registration Instructions – click on the following link to web register for this course.  Use the ‘organization’ search parameter pull-down and choose “Benz School,” then the course you wish to register for.


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