We have outlined the most common mistakes that inhibit the success of wildflower growth:

  1. Improper site evaluation-good drainage is a must!
  2. Deep soil preperation greater than one inch in depth will unleash dormant weed seeds that will compete with your wildflowers.
  3. Covering the seed too deep beneath the soil surface. Remember: simply rolling or walking over a newly planted area will achieve proper seed/soil contact and aid in germination.
  4. Planting at the wrong time of year.
  5. Trying to cover a large area with a small amount of seed. Recommended seeding rates listed are important.
  6. Unsuitable site conditions for the variety being planted. A plant requiring full sun and well-drained soils will not prosper in an area that is partially shaded with heavy clay soils.
  7. Not enough sunlight. Unless indicated, your flowers will require a minimum of eight hours of direct sunlight per day.
  8. Inadequate rainfall after seed germination. The area should not be allowed to become completely dry. Supplemental watering may be required to sustain plant life.
  9. Extreme weather conditions: hail, drought, excessive rainfall, floods, unseasonably cold temperatures.
  10. Impatience.

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