Micropropagation is the art and science of plant multiplication in vitro. The process includes many steps--stock plant care, explant selection and sterilization, media manipulation to obtain proliferation, rooting, acclimation, and growing on of liners.

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Equipment, Media, Supplies
Lab Associates
Osmotek Corporation
Agdia, Inc. Pathogen Testing Kits
Waterford Ultrasonic Nutrient Mist Delivery System
Kitchen Culture Kits

Commercial Tissue Culture Labs
AG Bioteck Laboratories (India)
Agri-Starts II
Agri-Starts III
Agri-Starts IV
Agri-Starts Micros
AgriForest Bio-Technologies
AVT Biotech
Vivai Battistini Laboratorio
BC Research, Inc.
BC Vine Biotechnology
Biocraft India
Biolink New Zealand Limited
Biological Industries Plant Propagation Ltd.
Bioplant In Vitro
GGT Biotech Group
GenTech Propagation Ltd.
Grow More Biotech
GreenEarth Biotechnologies, Ltd.
Hummel In Vitro
Kelsey Creek Labs (Orchids)
Labland Biotechs
Longview Horticulture
Micro Plantas S. A.
Micro-Plant (Italy)
Mike Flora
Mountain Shadow Nursery
MultiFlora Casablanca
Nidetec Biotecnologia Vegetal
Oglesby Plants International
Rise 'n Shine Biotech, Ltd.
Succulent Tissue Culture
Phytocultures, Ltd.
PhytoTechnology Labs
Plant Biotechnologies Tasmania
Plant-Tech (propagation databases)
Rhododendrons (Jan Holub)
Ram Rich Biotech Pvt. Ltd.
Sheel Biotech Limited
SMK Plants
Sun Agrigenetics
Super Starts Plant Tissue Culture
Tissue Quick Plant Laboratories
Thai Orchid Labs - USA
Truong Loc Tissue Culture Lab
UC Micropropagation
Vitroflora Tissue Cultue Lab (Poland)
Vitratech Weefselkweek
Wessel Nursery/Hosta Tissue Culture Lab
Marisol Plant Tissue Culture Solutions
Plant Tissue Culture for Entrepreneurs, Business Houses, Farmers and Nurserymen, and Natural / Herbal Products

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Plants from Test Tubes, 3rd Edition
Agritech Publications
Microbial Contamination of Plant Tissue Cultures
Plant Propagation by Tissue Culture
Regeneration and Micropropagation: Techniques, Systems and  Media 1991-1995 (Recent Advances in Tissue Culture, Volume 3)
New Techniques and Systems for Growth, Regeneration and Micropropagation 1995-1997 (Volume 5 of Recent Advances in Plant Tissue Culture)

Laboratory Construction and Management
Design and Layout of a Micropropagation Facility

Brief Notes on Techniques
Notes on Tissue Culture/Ronald de Fossard
Introduction to Micropropagation of Woody Plants
Tissue Culture for Home Gardeners
(Tissue Culture Medium from Readily Available Ingredients)
Inhibition of Bacterial Growth in Tissue Cultures by Silver Nitrate
Compost Medium for Plant Tissue Cultures

Laboratory and Individual Project Suggestions

Research Reports
Micropropagation of Ajuga reptans 'Burgundy Glow'
Shoot Tip Culture of Amelanchier laevis
Care and Handling of Micropropagated Plants
Tissue Culture of Woody Plants
Field Transplant Survival of Amelanchier Liners Produced by Tissue Culture
Raspberry Micropropagation Tutorial
Kew Gardens Micropropagation Information Web Site
Propagation of the rare Trillium persistens in vitro

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