Horticulture 605 Syllabus
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"You can't learn to ride a bicycle by reading a book!"

Course Goal: Each student will design, refine, and serve a Web site.
In the process of serving his or her Web site, each student will:
  • learn to write html documents;
  • master the art of transferring files over the Internet;
  • gain experience in organizing and formatting an attractive and useful Web site;
  • learn to use various pieces of image acquiring- and manipulating equipment and software;
  • formulate plans for using the Web in their professional and private lives.

    Course Organization:
    The course consists of a series of lecture/demonstration/discussions that are intended to cover the basics of Web site organization, construction and delivery. Students are expected to spend the amount of time outside of class necessary to master the skills required to prepare a high quality Web site. A series of tutorial lessons have been organized to assist the student as needed.

    A directory of student photos, biosketches, and Web page links will be assembled to allow students to observe each others work, and to allow for cooperative problem-solving.

    Assistance in problem solving will be provided by rapid-response email sent to the course instructor.

  • Course Grading
    2 quizzes at 10% each 20%
    Assignments (highest 10) 40%
    Project and presentation 40%

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