Relative links: hypertext link to a file within the same root directory; If file is located within the same folder <a href="aggiehorticulture.html">Aggie Horticulture</a>
If file is located in a previous folder (you have to backout a folder) <a href="../aggiehorticulture.html">Aggie Horticulture</a>
If file is located in another folder within the current folder <a href="newfolder/aggiehorticulture.html">Aggie Horticulture</a>

For the following examples our present location will be basichtml.html
Link to aggiehorticulture2.html <a href="aggiehorticulture2.html">Aggie Horticulture</a>
Link to aggiehorticulture1.html <a href="../aggiehorticulture1.html">Aggie Horticulture</a>
Link to aggiehorticulture3.html <a href="folder3/aggiehorticulture3.html">Aggie Horticulture</a>