Before you Begin...

Before you begin work on the first Web page, you must become familiar with the software necessary to create, view, and send pages.

Text Editor
You will need a very basic text editor in which to write and edit HTML code. Examples of editors already existing on computers are listed below:

WindowsXP WordPad or Notepad
Macintosh TextEdit

It is very important to save all files as text only with no formatting options and with the extension .html or .htm. This allows Web browsers to recognize your files as HTML and display them accordingly.

If you desire to use a Web page creation software package (such as DreamWeaver, Front Page, or Adobe GoLive) you will still need to become familiar with writing HTML code. This enables you to fine tune the code and find errors.

Web Browser
Browsers such as Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer TM have built in tools that aid in html document construction. The ability to view an html document on a local hard disk speeds the creation and editing of Web documents.

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