The Enabling Garden
The Enabling Garden is a garden designed for persons with special needs. This garden includes a large display of enabling tools and features several plant beds with adaptive features.

These features include wheel chair accessible A-frame for growing vines; various vertical planters for persons who can not bend down to the ground; a multilevel raised bed to help persons learn the best height of a raised planter for their special needs; a garden for persons who are visually impaired; a bed with a toe recess for persons who have a balance problem; a bed with seated edges for persons who need to sit while gardening; a bed with knee protection for persons with painful knees; and others.

The Enabling Garden demonstrates various types of surfaces approved by ADA, various slopes and ramps; and spacings between objects. It also includes benches set at different heights to help persons learn the height at which they sit most comfortably.

Below are some photos of enabling structures that are used in a garden at Texas A&M. As the pictures cycle you will be able to observe students in a Horticultural Therapy class experience the garden from new perspectives.