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Perennials for Texas Landscapes
A Partial List

Achilles sp. Yarrow Seed, Division White, Rose, Yellow Summer 1'
Allium sp. Garlic, Chives Division White Summer 1'
Aquilegia chrysantha Hinckleyana Hinckley's Columbine Seed, Division Yellow Spring 18"
Aquilegia canadensis Columbine Seed, Division Yellow/Red Blend Spring 2'
Artemisia 'Powis Castle' Artemisia Cuttings, Division Gray Foliage ---- 2' - 3'
Asclepias tuberosa Butterfly Weed Seed Yellow/Red Summer 2'
Aster oblongifolius Fall Aster Cuttings, Division Lavender Fall 3'
Beloperone guttata Shrimp Plant (Gold & Red-brown Selections) Division, Cuttings Yellow or Red-brown Summer, Fall 3'
Bletilla striata Chinese Ground Orchid Division Purple, White Spring 1' - 2'
Canna X generalis Garden Canna Division, Tubers Yellow, Red, Pink, Salmon Summer 2' - 4'
Chrysanthemum leucanthemum Ox-eye Daisy Division, Seed White Spring 3'
Chrysanthemum sp. Garden Mums Cuttings, Division Many Fall 3'
Coreopsis grandiflora Tickseed Coreopsis Seed, Division Yellow Late Spring, Summer 2' - 3'
Crinum sp. Milk & Wine Lily Division White, Rose, Pink, & Striped Spring, Summer, Fall 2' - 4'
Crocosmia pottsii Montbretia Division (corms) Orange-red Early Summer 2' - 3'
Cuphea micropetala Cigar Plant Cuttings, Division Red/Yellow Summer, Fall 3' - 4'
Dianthus sp. Perennial Pink Cuttings, Division Many Spring 1'
Echinacea angustifolia Purple Coneflower Seed, Division Purple Spring, Summer, Fall 18"
Eupatorium coelestinum Perennial Ageratum Division Lavender-blue Summer, Fall 3'
Gaillardia sp. Indian Blanket Seed, Division Red-yellow Blend Spring, Summer, Fall 18"
Gaura lindheimeri Gaura Seed, Division White Spring, Summer, Fall 2'
Gerbera sp. Gerbera (Transvaal) Daisy Tissue Culture, Seed Many Spring, Summer, Fall 2'
Gladiolus byzantinus Corn Flag Division (corms) Purple, White Summer 3'
Helianthus maximiliani Maximilian Sunflower Seed, Division Yellow Late Summer, Fall 3' - 4'
Hemerocallis Day Lily Division Many Spring, Summer 1' - 3'
Hosta sp. Plaintain Lily Division White, Lavender Spring, Summer 1' - 3'
Ipheian uniflorum Spring Star Flower Division Blue Spring 6"
Iris, Bearded Bearded Iris Division Many Spring 1' - 3'
Iris, Dutch Dutch Iris Division Many Spring 1' - 3'
Iris, Louisiana Louisiana Iris Division, Seed Many Spring 3'
Lantana montevidensis Trailing Lantana Division, Seed, Cuttings Many Spring, Summer, Fall 1' - 2'
Lycoris radiata Red Spider Lily Division Coral-red, White, Yellow Fall 1'
Lythrum salicaria Purple Loosestrife Seed, Division Lavender-pink Spring, Summer, Fall 2' - 3'
Malvaviscus drummondii Turk's Cap Seed, Cuttings Red Spring, Summer, Fall 3' - 4'
Mentha piperita Peppermint Cuttings, Division ---- ---- 1'
Narcissus sp. Daffodils & Narcissus Division Yellow, White Spring 1'
Oxalis crassipes Oxalis Division Pink Spring, Summer 8" - 10"
Pavonia lasiopetala Rock Rose Cuttings, Seed Pink Spring, Summer, Fall 3' - 4'
Penstemon cobaea Wild Foxglove Seed, Division Lavender Spring 2'
Phlox divaricata LA. Phlox Division, Cuttings Purple Spring 1' - 2'
Phlox paniculata Perennial Phlox Cuttings, Division Lavender, Pink, White Summer 2'
Phlox pilosa Prairie Phlox Cuttings, Division Lavender-pink Spring 1' - 2'
Phlox subulata Thrift, Moss Pink Cuttings, Division Pink Spring 8" - 10"
Physostegia virginiana Obedient Plant Division Lavender, White Summer 3'
Plumbago auriculata Blue Plumbago Seed, Division Blue, White Summer, Fall 3'
Rhodophiala bifida Oxblood Lily Division Dark Red Fall 1'
Rosmarinus officinalis Rosemary Cuttings, Division Blue Summer, Fall 1' - 4'
Salvia farinacea Mealy Cup Sage Seed, Division Blue, White, Purple Spring, Summer, Fall 3'
Salvia Greggii Autumn Sage Cuttings, Seed White, Red, Pink Spring, Summer, Fall 2' - 3'
Symphytum officinale Comfrey Division White, Yellowish, Purple, Rose Summer 3'
Tagetes lucida Mexican Marigold-mint Cuttings, Division Yellow Summer, Fall 2'
Thymus vulgaris Common Thyme Division, Cuttings ---- ---- 6"
Verbena hybrida Verbena Seed, Division Many Spring, Summer, Fall 6" - 1'
Viola odorata Sweet Violet Division Purple Winter, Spring 6" - 8"
Zephyranthes candida White Rain Lily Division White Summer 1'
Zephyranthes grandiflora Pink Rain Lily Division Pink Summer 1'