Field Evaluations

The following is the acutal scale we use to evaluate roses in the field/beds:

    Disease Ratings
  • Black Spot - Powdery Mildew
    • 0=no mildew on plants
    • 1=one or two isolated infections
    • 2=slight infection throughout plant
    • 3 to 7=based on % leaves infected
    • 8=most foliage, stems and peduncles with infection
    • 9=heavy infection throughout plant
    The above scale can also be used for Rust, Cercospora and Downy Mildew.
    Flower Evaluation Scales
  • Flower Intensity
    • 0=no flowers
    • 2=20% of plant surface with flowers
    • 5=50% of plant surface with flowers
    • 7=70% of plant surface with flowers
    • 9=>90% of plant surface with flowers
    Flower Intensity should be done at least monthly- each evaluation period needs to consider optimum intensity to avoid bias due to time of evaluation.
    For best ratings the flowers need to be displayed above the foliage.

  • Flower Cleaning
    • 0=flower does not lose petals and balls (ie Belinda's Dream), needs dead heading
    • 5=good, petals tend to turn brown before falling
    • 9=petals fall cleanly before turning brown and ugly
    Overall Rating
  • Landscape Performance Rating
    • 1=large leaf loss and weak plant with excess of deadwood
    • 2=same as 1 but does not have as much deadwood and shows signs of vigor
    • 3=large leaf loss but has good vigor and little dead wood
    • 4=some leaf loss but little disease and good landscape appearance
    • 5=little if any disease, good vigor with little or no disease loss, outstanding landscape appearance
    1 and 2 is unacceptable.
    3 has good regrowth potential and might work with some chemical disease control.
    4 would be minimum for Superstar status.
    5 reserved for outstanding varieties.