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Green Wood Grafting

A scripted slide set prepared by
Loy Shreve, Jerry Parsons and Sammy Helmers
Extension Specialists, Department of Horticultural Sciences
Revised August, 1998 by Larry Stein
Texas A&M University and Texas Agricultural Extension Service

Greenwood grafting allows growers to propagate desired fruit and nut varieties during the growing season after the time for grafting with dormant scions has ended. This method has been successful with pecans, walnuts, apples, apricots and plums; the procedure will probably work with most other deciduous trees and shrubs also.

This grafting method can be used from mid-May through September in Texas. In addition to stocks and scions, a sharp knife with a stockman's blade, strips of rubber innertube or polyethylene budding tape and polyethylene squares are needed. The stock should be at least 1 inch in diameter at the point of union. Scion-wood must be the current season's growth. Scions can be stored in an ice chest for up to 5 days without damage if they are kept moist and cool. Place a bag of ice cubes in one corner of the chest to keep the scions in good condition.

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