1. Q: Please give me any information you can regarding the care of Night Blooming Jasmine. I have heard so many wonderful things about the plant that I jumped right into buying one and unfortunately for me, it did not come with any care instructions. What other evening bloomers might be good for my area?

A: You "jumped into" buying a WONDERFUL plant which will reward you with the most beautiful fragrances you can imagine -- not as over-powering as gardenias. The night-blooming jessamine (NOT JASMINE!) is botanically Gestrum nocturnum. It will be cold tender in your area so you should protect it from temperatures below freezing. In the winter, the brightest light spot which doesn't freeze is the best. It may drop leaves but as long as the roots and stems don't freeze, it will re-sprout the following spring. DO NOT worry about cutting it back periodically because that will only stimulate branching and consequently, more bloom surface. The weird thing about this plant is that it may bloom during the day BUT WILL HAVE NO FRAGRANCE until night!!

Other night bloomers with fragrance are water lilies (night bloomers) and, my favorite fragrant Jasmine, is Arabian Jessamine or Jasmine sambac, sometimes called by its species name Sambac Jessamine. All jasmine are tropical and subtropical deciduous or evergreen shrubs, sometimes climbing. They belong to the Olive Family. They are propagated by cuttings and layering.

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