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Question 1:

How do I get rid of stickers, sometimes called goat heads? I seem to have a bumper crop of them.


The goathead or puncture vine (Tribulus terrestris) while being an obnoxious pest is perhaps more famous for its herbal use as a dietary supplement which is said to increase the male body's capability to produce testosterone. It is also considered to be a noxious weed is several states. Since it is an annual weed, the most effective means of eradication is to kill the plants, by cultivation or by herbicide, before they can make seed. The application of a pre-emergent herbicide such as Treflan or XL (Amaze) in late February and again in July should prevent the germination of any seed that are there and cultivation or spot treatment with a broad leaf post emergent herbicide should kill any plants that do come up.

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