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Flowers grow from a basal rosette.

D. jeffreyi is one of the taller species, growing up to two feet.

Multi-flowered umbels sport shuttlecock-like blooms.

Sierra Shooting-Star
Dodecatheon jeffreyi


Basal clumps of lanceolate leaves produce leafless stalks with umbels of reflex-petalled flowers similar to cyclamen.

Plant Type: perennial

Plant Form or Habit: upright/vertical

Plant Use: In beds and borders, in pots, or as a specimen plant.

Light Requirement: full sun/part shade

Flower Color:
Bloom Period:
late spring
early summer
Height: Minimum: 12 inches      Maximum: 24 inches

Width: Minimum: 10 inches     Maximum: 24 inches

Foliage Texture: coarse

USDA Hardiness Zone: 4

Water Requirements: average

Additional Comments: This plant goes dormant in early summer. Plan ahead by planting other perennials or annuals nearby that will cover up the vacancy. Divide in early spring, or propagate by seed.

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