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Foxglove self-sows under good conditions.

D. ambigua is attractive planted in groupings.

Pale yellow flowers with brown spotting or veining characterize D. ambigua.

Yellow Foxglove
Digitalis ambigua


Stalks of lanceolate leaves develop one-sided racemes of tight buds that unfurl into wide, campanulate yellow flowers about 2 inches long with small brown veining on the inside.

Plant Type: perennial

Plant Form or Habit: upright/vertical

Plant Use: Back of the border, or in the center of a bed.

Light Requirement: full sun full sun/part shade

Flower Color:
Bloom Period:
early summer
Height: Minimum: 36 inches      Maximum: 72 inches

Width: Minimum: 20 inches     Maximum: 24 inches

Foliage Texture: medium

USDA Hardiness Zone: 4

Water Requirements: average

Additional Comments: Also called D. grandiflora. Native to Europe. Attracts hummingbirds. The botanical name stems from the Latin word for finger — digitus — a description of the shape of the flower. Can be biennial or short-lived perennial. All parts of this plant are poisonous.

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