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Dicentra formosa 'Bacchanal' flowers are a deeper red

Dicentra formosa 'Bacchanal' growth habit

The white flowers of 'Aurora'

'Aurora' growth habit

Pacific Bleeding Heart, Fringed Bleeding Heart
Dicentra formosa


D. formosa does not go dormant as does D. spectabilis. Heart-shaped pink, wine-colored, or white flowers rise on racemes above fern-like green or blue-green foliage. Eximia species is native to the Eastern U.S. The Western U.S. species - formosa - is more drought-tolerant. Some cultivars such as 'Luxuriant' are hybrids of the two.

Plant Type: perennial

Plant Form or Habit: rounded/mounded

Plant Use: Makes a nice groundcover or front-of-the-border plant

Light Requirement: part or full shade

Flower Color:
dark red
Bloom Period:
late spring
early summer
late summer
early fall
Height: Minimum: 10 inches      Maximum: 18 inches

Width: Minimum: 10 inches     Maximum: 18 inches

Foliage Texture: fine

USDA Hardiness Zone: 4

Water Requirements: average

Additional Comments: This plant prefers shade to partial shade, but three of our four cultivars do quite well in full sun. Some lower-leaf necrosis occurs if summer is wet and hot. 'Adrian Bloom' is another cultivar we're watching, but the above three performed better under our somewhat adverse (full-sun) conditions. Rhizomatous. The most common form of propagation is division in early spring or fall, although cuttings can be rooted and the plant can be grown from seed. 'Luxuriant' is vegetatively propagated.

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