Recommended Texas Native Succulent/Semi-succulents
Many of the following succulent or semi-succulent plants take considerable time to reach mature size. As a consequence, they are seldom nursery grown to large sizes and mature specimens are most often collected in the wild to provide larger plants for landscaping purposes. To avoid contributing to this practice, only nursery-grown stock, or plants verifiably salvaged from land development activities or recycled from other landscapes should be accepted when purchasing landscape plants.

Scientific Name
*indicates plant native to El Paso County
Common NameAvailable?
Agave havardiana Chisos Agave seldom
Agave lechuguilla* Shin Dagger usually
Agave neomexicana* New Mexico Agave sometimes
Agave palmeri Palmer Agave usually
Agave parryi Parry Agave usually
Dasylirion. leiophyllum* Smooth Sotol, Desert Candle seldom
Dasylirion texanum Green Sotol usually
Dasylirion wheeleri* Grey Sotol, Desert Spoon usually
Ferocactus wislizenii* Barrel Cactus sometimes
Fouquieria spendens* Ocotillo sometimes
Hesperaloe funifera Giant Hesperaloe usually
Hesperaloe parviflora Red Hesperaloe/Yucca usually
Manfreda maculosa Texas Tuberose usually
Nolina erumpens Sand Beargrass seldom
Nolina microcarpa Littleseed Beargrass usually
Nolina texana* Texas Sacahusita sometimes
Opuntia engelmannii* Englemann's Prickly Pear usually
Opuntia macrocentra* Longspine Prickly Pear usually
Opuntia violaceae var. santa-rita Purple Prickly Pear usually
Opuntia imbricata* Tree Cholla usually
Opuntia spinosior Cane Cholla usually
Yucca baccata* Datil, Banana Yucca usually
Yucca elata* Soaptree Yucca usually
Yucca faxoniana Giant Yucca seldom
Yucca rigida Blue Yucca usually
Yucca schotti Mountain Yucca usually
Yucca thompsoniana Thompson Yucca usually
Yucca torreyi* Shaggy Yucca usually

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