9. Dress for Safety

When you come to work, wear ordinary clothing which is clean, in good repair, and fits properly. Trousers should not be too long, shirttails should be tucked in, and sleeves buttoned on long sleeved shirts. If you wear a jacket, make certain that the sleeves or other parts are not so loose that they could become caught in the machinery. Keep your work clothes clean, as dusty or dirty clothing can cause skin rash and irritation.

Wear comfortable, well fitting shoes or boots. Don’t buy poorly made or low quality shoes. Well made shoes or boots cost more, but they fit better, last longer and are safer and more comfortable. Slippery shoe soles may cause “slip and fall” injuries when pushing bales off a wagon or stepping up to the seat of a tractor.

Don’t wear anything that could get caught in a machine and pull you in. It may seem unlikely, but serious amputations and other injuries have resulted from wearing rings, necklaces, or other decoration.

At social activities it’s great to be dressed “fit to kill.” However, at work, be sure not to dress “fit to BE killed.” Wear the appropriate clothing and use safety equipment.

Remember, failure to follow safety procedures properly or to pay attention to workplace safety could result in injury to you or your fellow workers.

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