EXAMPLE 1 – Company Hiring Procedure

The following steps are to be followed to assure a quality hiring procedure.

  1. Applicant must fill out the application for employment.
  2. Review the application for completeness. It is very important that you obtain from the applicant a local address so that he/she may be located for follow-up on claims handling in the event he/she is injured. Ask for the name of a person, preferably another employee, who will know how to get in touch with the employee.
  3. If you think the applicant is a good candidate for employment, go to the next step. If not, flag the application (do not write on it) with a note to yourself and terminate the interview.
  4. Have the applicant sign a waiver of confidentiality (see the forms on pages 28 and 29 in both Spanish and English) for the release of confidential information from the TWCC.
  5. Call the TWCC for information about the applicant. (The TWCC may refuse to give out information on more than three applicants at one time. The signed, notarized waiver of confidentiality from the applicant must be mailed within 10 days or the employer is subject to a fine of up to $1,000. The TWCC will tell an employer if the applicant has filed two or more claims within the last five years. If only one claim has been filed, the TWCC will not inform the employer about it. TWCC checks may be requested only after a conditional offer of employment is made.)
  6. (If your company belongs to IFA) Call the Industrial Foundation of America for information about the applicant. (This is a private organization with a membership fee. They can check an applicant’s motor vehicle record, criminal record, credit check, and education confirmation. The Foundation’s telephone number is (800) 592-1433.)
  7. If the applicant will be driving a company car, check the applicant’s motor vehicle record with the Texas Department of Public Safety. Example 12 is a form for that purpose. Call the Department at (512) 465-2020 for specific information since fees and procedures change.

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