Texas Cooperative Extension,
Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

May, 2005

Caladium Cultivar Information

by Bob Souvestre and Allen Owings
Louisiana Cooperative Extension

Caladium leaf and inflorescence
Caladium leaf and inflorescence

It is time for caladiums. Popular cultivars often available in local garden centers are: Aaron, Blaze, Candidium, Candidium Junior, Carolyn Wharton, Fannie Munson, Florida Elise, Florida Sweetheart, Gingerland, John Reed, Frieda Hemple, Kathleen, Lord Derby, Miss Muffet, Mrs. Arno Nehrling, Pink Beauty, Pink Cloud, Pink Symphony, Poecile Anglais, Postman Joyner, Red Flash, Red Frill, White Christmas, White Queen, and White Wings. The most sun-tolerant caladium cultivars, according to observations in Texas and Florida, are Candidium, F. M. Joyner, Fire Chief, Frieda Hemple, Galaxy, Gingerland, Gypsy Rose, Kathleen, Lord Derby, Pink Beauty, Postman Joyner, Red Flash, Rose Bud, Sea Gull, Scarlet Beauty, and White Queen.

The next most sun-tolerant cultivars are Aaron, Caloosahatchie, Candidium Junior, Carolyn Wharton, Clarice, Fannie Munson, Festiva, Irene Dark, Jackie Suthers, Jubilee, Holderman, June Bride, Lady of Fatima, Lance Wharton, Marie Moire, Miss Chicago, Pink Cloud, Pink Gem, Rosalie, Pink Symphony, Tom Tom, Tropicana, and White Wing. Caladiums that tolerate the least amount of direct sun exposure are Blaze, John Reed, Miss Muffet, Mumbo, Mrs. Arno Nehrling, Poecile Anglais, Red Frill, and White Christmas.