‘Best Of Texas’ Landscape Guide
Texas Nursery and Landscape Association, 2001

Reviewed By Cynthia W. Mueller


A very useful tool for both the professional nurseryman / landscaper has been produced by the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association (TNLA) in the form of the ‘Best Of Texas’ Landscape Guide.

The TNLA is a professional organization composed of the state’s wholesale nursery stock growers, landscape designers and contractors, interior and exterior maintenance contractors, garden center retailers, and allied suppliers. The publication will serve to clarify questions of plant adaptability for the varying climate areas of Texas, sunlight requirements, water usage, and the very important ALS (Average Landscape Size) ratings for shrubs and plants.

Hundreds of color photos illustrate the thumbnail sketches which detail time and length of bloom, usual height and spread, maintenance needs and disease resistance of plants in categories such as trees, palms, shrubs, roses, turfgrass, outdoor tropicals, flowering bulbs, herbs, houseplants and many more.

The cost of the publication is $10.65 [$7.99 plus 66 cents tax and $2 shipping fee] for orders of 1 - 5 books; for prices on larger orders, contact TNLA at 7730 South IH-35, Austin, TX 78745-6698. Phone: 1-800-880-0343 [https://www.txnla.org].