Looking for an exciting way to teach science and to educate students about the environment using practical, hands-on activities? Planting a school garden may be your answer.

The following information was prepared for the Education Department of The Dallas Arboretum. It details the process of creating a garden including how to get organized, ideas for gathering support, suggestions for starting work in the garden and tips on maintaining your garden. The possibilities for your garden are endless and are limited only by your creativity.

Each school can design a garden to suit its own needs and goals producing varied benefits. There are no set guidelines or requirements for a school garden which means that any school can find a way to incorporate one. A garden only needs to nurture wonder and imagination in students and allow time for learning and exploration. Search for the opportunities available at your school and in your community.

Steps to Start a Garden:

Get Organized

Gather Support

Dig In

Maintain Your Garden

Click here to view a Powerpoint Presentation on Starting a School Garden.
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