The Horticulture Department at Texas A&M University is actively researching school gardens. Existing studies have shown that gardening significantly improves the environmental attitudes of younger students. Current research efforts are exploring new ways that gardening can add to the classroom experience, encompassing:

  • Use of gardening to teach nutrition, including the effects of school gardens on children's attitudes and related behaviors regarding fruits and vegetables.

  • Development of teacher training, including curriculum materials and training programs using school gardens to teach required curriculum elements.
Three garden curriculum guides have been developed for teachers as part of this research: Project GREEN, Project GREEN II and Nutrition in the Garden, Learning Healthy Living Through Horticulture. A website on children's gardens called KinderGarden was created by the writer of Project GREEN to compliment her research on school gardens. This site was written by the author of Nutrition in the Garden.

In addition to work with school gardens, research is also being conducted involving gardening with special populations.

For more information about school gardens research at Texas A&M University contact:
Dr. Jayne Zajicek, Sarah Lineberger or Cynthia Davis Klemmer

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Department of Horticultural Sciences
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