An introduction to the many ways children can interact with plants and the outdoors.

Fun Page for Kids!!
There are lots of fun activities on this page for kids to do to learn about more about plants.

Fun Project Ideas!
Visit the kinderGARDEN art gallery featuring drawings of gardens and hanging baskets from Havencroft Elementary School, Olathe, Kansas (second grade).
Take the kinderGARDEN Kid's Survey. Tell us what you think!
Do you like to watch butterflies float and flutter around your head? Some plants naturally attract lots of butterflies. You can plant some of these kinds of plants in your garden at home, or you could plant a special Butterfly Garden .
Some plants attract birds too. If you like to birdwatch, you might want to visit the Local Bird Field Study homepage. This site will let you share your bird discoveries online as you watch and record bird visits to your area.
Suppose it's a stormy day outside and you don't feel like going outside, but you still would like to pretend you're outside in the garden. You could ask your mom or dad to take you to the library to check out one of these cool books about garden stuff.
Do you like to help your mom and dad cook? If you do, you could read the Dole 5-a-day Kid's Cookbook and make your own fun stuff to eat with any fruits and veggies that you grow! Play the Dole 5-a-day game. Meet Bobby Banana and make up a story about your adventures with Barney Broccoli.
Insects are really fun to study. Visit a really cool ant farm or start your own at home. Kits are often available at hobby stores.
Frogs like to eat insects. See how many different kinds of frogs there are in Australia.
How would you like to make your own farm?
Do you know what the weather is like in Alaska? You could visit Alaska for a weather study to find out. Or maybe you would like to visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Kidspage instead. They have information on Texas dinosaurs, rivers, lakes, slithering snakes and endangered species.
Check out this cool game to play with Mr. Edible Starchy Tuber Head!
If you'd like to visit with children from all over the world, KIDLINK will help match you with another child so that you can talk or write to them.
You could journey to the rainforest and see lots of plants that are growing far away in the jungle.

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