4-H is Fun!

The 4-H association has been used for many years to teach children across the United States about agricultural. By taking part in this organization, children not only learn about raising animals and plants, they learn responsibility and teamwork. The Texas Agricultural Extension Service has developed a full curriculum of activities for youngsters in grades Kindergarten through Second called Plant Pals. A section of this 4-H Horticulture Guide is listed here. The guide focuses on how plants interact with the environment. Therefore, it not only has activities with plants, but has activities that introduce children to water, air, and soil.

  • Give me light, give me life
  • Making mud pies
  • Plant needs-air, water, and light
  • Plants and water
  • Make a terrarium
  • Plant a tree

  • The Michigan State 4-H Children's Gardens are a neat place to visit if you're in the area, but can also give you great ideas by just visiting the homepage. They are world-renowned for the children's gardens and are used as a model for both nationally and internationally. These wonderful, colorful gardens can help give ideas on garden design and theme gardens for children.

    There is a 4-H program available called EMpower that teaches children about waste management and environmental restoration. Check it out!

    To have a children's garden, you don't need a lot of land. The Texas Agricultural Extension Service has developed a school gardening curriculum that uses 5-gallon plastic buckets cut in half as the gardening containers for the children. This cylinder gardening program is simple, and fairly inexpensive.

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