School Gardens

In some schools, gardens are being integrated into the educational curriculum to teach children not only about plants, nature, and the outdoors, but other subjects as well. Gardens can teach children about history, economics, poetry, and math, but are still primarily used for science studies. If you'd like to visit a school garden, try Lord Roberts Elementary School .

There are lots of ideas for school gardens in this website! You might also look at The National Gardening Association site, which is full of information for teachers and parents who garden with kids..

What if you do not have a good school yard for a garden? A garden program does not necessarily have to start out using any outdoor land. Garden programs can be started right in the classroom on windowsill, cabinet, or table near a window or artificial light source. A good example of a small scale garden and some of the experiments that can go on is in the growing science center.

If your own school garden is out of the question, you could still visit someone else's garden. Some botanical gardens have specific programs that are developed especially for schools or children or visit a virtual telegarden instead.

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