School Gardens

Check out the following links to ideas and curricula for school gardens:

Look through the kinderGARDEN garden activities for great project ideas.
You may want to choose a specific theme for your garden to grab your students' interest.
Check out this planting guide to find out what to plant and when.
The Botanical Research Institute of Texas has developed a series of curriculum materials for elementary aged children called "Relationships" that shows children the role of plants in the earth's life support system.
The award winning radio show called Earth and Sky has internet resources for classrooms on science topics. They also have information on how to use these materials if your classroom is not online.
Visit school gardens from different climates and regions throughout the world through the Missouri Botanic Garden Website.
There is a great garden related musical for elementary school children called The Garden Show.
A wetlands curriculum is available for middle or junior high school.
High school students can learn about desert and desertification through this activity program.
A teacher's guide called From the Ground Up includes five lessons on Agriculture.
A forest stewardship guide called Branching Out is available for teachers to use. It includes activities on soil, water, trees, recreation, and the natural beauty i n the world.
Teachers can use the John Muir Day Study Guide for children in grades kindergarten through 12. It focuses on emphasizing Muir's lifetime of conservation.
Teachers can receive information on pollution, energy, deforestation, the ozone layer, and the Greenhouse Effect by visiting this environmental school kit.
For more resources and information about school gardens in Canada, look at the the City Farmer Homepage.
Help children create their own farm. Encourage them to learn how farms are organized and where their food comes from.

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