Community Gardens
With the population move to the suburbs, many of the inner city residential areas have suffered from neglect and misuse. Residents remaining in the cities are often faced with the realities of living amidst high rates of crime, violence and destruction of property. To fight this deterioration, many neighborhood residents are coming together to form coalitions to better their neighborhoods and their lives. One way that neighbors are coming together is through community gardens.

Many neighborhood groups are forming community gardens in vacant lots, or even on rooftops. These community gardens are a great way to get both children and adults involved in beautifying the neighborhood community while working with nature. If you would like to visit a community garden to see what one is all about, try the Clinton Community Garden which is located in New York City.

The American Community Garden Association is a national organization that oversees many of the community gardens in the nation. They have tips on starting and maintaining community gardens.

For more information about community gardens check out these websites: