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Getting Started

Two Types of Container Gardens
Grow Together
Put Together

Doubt in final product Confidence in final product

Possible plug death Better plant survival
Natural gathered look
Neat, methodical look
Plants intertwine together
Plants retain individuality
Ease of planting

Labor of transplanting
Good for large scale growers
Good for grower/retailer

How to get started with grow-together container gardens
1st Year
Do some experimenting with combinations of colors, species, and new introductions for the season.

2nd Year
Eliminate any combinations that didn't work so well and try some new combinations.

Develope a "Basic" group of combination containers and grow those in large quantity.

Each Year
Keep records so that adjustments as to number of plugs per pot for different species, total number of plugs per pot, etc. can be made.

Add some new crops in with combinations that worked.

Make a few adjustments to your basic line.

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