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Current Team
Fred T. Davies, Jr.

Regents Professor, AgriLife Research Faculty Fellow
& Senior Borlaug Fellow in Horticulture

Department of Horticultural Sciences
& Borlaug Institure International Agriculture

Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-2134

Cell: 979-422-9434

Davies is a Regents Professor of Horticulture and of Molecular and Environmental Plant Sciences at Texas A&M University. He is also a Senior Borlaug Fellow in Horticulture at the Borlaug Institute of International Agriculture and an AgriLife Research Faculty Fellow. As an expert in international horticulture and agriculture, Davies has been a Guggenheim Fellow, Senior Fulbright Fellow to Peru, Mexico and Indonesia - where he taught, lectured, and conducted research. His research has been supported by NASA, National Science Foundation, USDA, the horticulture industries, and other agencies - focused on: 1) food security, 2) plant stress (water, nutrition, IPM systems), 3) mycorrhizal effects on host plant physiology, 4) low-pressure controlled crop production systems for NASA, 5) plant propagation - including tissue culture systems and plant acclimation and 6) nursery crop and low-input, sustainable, commercial production systems http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/faculty/davies/index.html

Most recently he was a Jefferson Science Fellow, senior science advisor at USAID, Bureau of Food Security in Washington, DC. The Jefferson Science program is administered by the National Academies and supported through a partnership between the U.S. academic community, professional scientific societies, the State Department and USAID.

International Career Interests

Consulting, mentoring and teaching in international horticulture. Giving technical assistance to international agencies, organizations, universities, and small-holder horticulture and agricultural producers. We need to become much more efficient and market-driven in addressing food security, nutrition, and human health. High-value horticulture crops (vegetables, fruits, flowering plants) allow small entrepreneurs in rural, peri-urban and urban settings to be commercially successful with a multi-crop, niche approach.


Fred Davies received a B.A. in History and Biological Sciences, and a M.S. in Horticulture/Plant Physiology from Rutgers University. He received his Ph.D. in Horticulture/Plant Physiology/Tropical Agriculture from the University of Florida.

He has been a Visiting Scientist at the USDA Horticultural Crops Laboratory (Oregon), CINVESTAV Plant Biology Institute (Mexico) and International Potato Center [(CIP), Peru]. He has also been a Visiting Professor at Oregon State University, Monterrey Tech. Univ. (Mexico), National Agrarian University of Peru, and Bogor Agricultural University [IPB (Indonesia)].

Davies has been involved with the leadership of the American Society for Horticultural Sciences (ASHS), serving as international vice president, president, and chair of the board of directors. Besides numerous research and teaching awards, he is a Fellow of the American Society for Horticultural Sciences, and Fellow of the International Plant Propagators' Society, where he also served as president and is currently editor.


Davies has taught courses in plant propagation, and commercial nursery production and management. He chaired the graduate horticulture seminar program for 25 years. He has co-authored some 13 teaching manuals, publications and books - including the last 4 editions of Hartmann and Kester's Plant Propagation-Principles and Practices (2011) ISBN-13: 978-0135014493, which is the world-wide standard for propagation texts - used by industry and academia.


Dr. Davies' areas of research entails horticulture crop physiology, low-pressure controlled production environments for NASA, mycorrhizal fungi, and international agriculture. Research topics include: physiology of mycorrhizal enhancement of plant drought and nutrient stress resistance, biofertilizers, ornamental horticulture production (nursery and greenhouse crops), the interaction of plant stress and integrated pest management (IPM), alternative nursery production systems, low input agriculture sustainable systems utilizing mycorrhizal fungi, tissue culture systems and plant acclimatization, and plant propagation systems. His laboratory group has authored over 200 research and technical publications.

Selected Awards and Honors

L.M. Ware Distinguished Research Award, American Society of Horticultural Sciences Norman Jay Coleman Research Award, American Nursery and Landscape Association
  • Jefferson Science Fellow (National Academies), US Dept. of State/ USAID (2013-14)
  • Senior Borlaug Fellow in Horticulture, Borlaug Institute for Internal Agriculture, TAMU
  • President, American Society for Horticultural Sci. [ASHS]; Chair, BOD
  • Regents Professor, Texas A&M University
  • AgriLife Research Faculty Fellow - Texas A&M University
  • John S. Guggenheim Fellow (1999)
  • Fulbright Senior Scholar to Indonesia (2012), Peru (1999), Mexico (1993)
  • Association of Former Students Distinguished Achievement Award For Teaching, TAMU
  • Chancellor of Agriculture's Award in Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, TAMU
  • L.M. Ware Distinguished Teaching Award, American Society of Horticultural Sciences
  • Fellow - American Society of Horticultural Sciences
  • Fellow - International Plant Propagators Society
  • L.C. Chadwick Educator's Award, American Nursery and Landscape Association
  • Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award - Horticulture Graduate Council, TAMU
  • Sidney B. Meadows Award of Merit - International Plant Propagators' Society
  • L.M. Ware Distinguished Research Award, American Society of Horticultural Sciences
  • Norman Jay Coleman Research Award, American Nursery and Landscape Association
  • Co-author of last 4 editions of Hartmann and Kester's Plant Propagation - Principles and Practices (Hartmann, Kester, Davies, and Geneve) Prentice-Hall, 5th Ed. (1990), 6th Ed. (1997), 7th Ed. (2002); 8th Ed. (2011) - the world-wide standard for plant propagation texts, used by academia & industry - and translated into translated into Spanish, Chinese, Italian, French, Russian and Portuguese
  • Eagle Scout


Davies is married to the former Maritza Lazarte of Lima, Peru, and they have two daughters: Alexandra, a lawyer in Seattle, and Katerina, a congressional staff member in Washington, DC. His hobbies and interests include swimming, working-out, sailing, camping, photography, brewing beer, travel, gardening, and trying to master Spanish.

Publication Summary

(96) Refereed Journal articles; (19) Books/Teaching Manuals; (87) Non-refereed Journal articles; (127) Published abstracts; (25) Theses and Dissertations; (48) Symposium Proceedings; (15) Electronic media / websites; (179) Invited Paper Presentations.

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