Table 2. Propagation Methods For Texas Fruits And Nuts.

PlantBudding, graftingCutting, layering, suckeringSeedage
Temperate Fruits
ApplesWhip graft, bark graft, chip bud, T-bud, bark graft
ApricotsT-bud, bark graft
BlackberriesRoot cutting, softwood cutting, simple layering, suckers
BlueberriesSoftwood cutting, suckers
FigsHardwood cutting, air layering
Grapes, bunchWhip graft, T-bud, chip bud, crown cleft, bark graftHardwood cutting
Grapes, muscadineSoftwood cutting, simple layering, mound layering
JujubesWhip graftSoftwood cutting, root sprouts
NectarinesT-bud, bark graftCommon for rootstocks4
PeachesT-bud, bark graftCommon for rootstocks4
PearsT-bud, whip graft, bark graft
PecansPatch bud, whip graft, inlay bark graft3, four-flap graftCommon for rootstocks
PersimmonsChip bud, whip graft, bark graft2
PlumsInlay bark, T-bud
PomegranatesHardwood and softwood cuttings, suckers
RaspberriesSoftwood cutting, simple layerings, suckers
WalnutsPatch bud, whip graft, bark graft3, four-flap graft
Subtropical Fruits
AvocadosChip bud, bark graft3, side veneer graft, cleft (tip) graftCommon for rootstocks
CitrusT-budHardwood cutting, semi-hardwood cutting, air layeringCommon for rootstocks
MangosChip bud, side-veneer graft, cleft (tip) graftCommon for rootstocks
PapayasSoftwood cuttingCommon for rootstocks

1Preferred or most common method is shown in boldface.
2Primarily used in top-working, established trees.
3Also used in top-working, established trees.
4Remove seeds from pit.

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