Figure 2. Zones of adaptation for fruit varieties commonly grown in Texas.

Zone 1: Springold, Becentennial, Surecrop, Sentinel, Ranger, Red Globe, Denman, Milam, Jefferson, Belle of Georgia, White Star

Zones 2-3: Springold, Bicentennial, Sentinel, Ranger, Harvester, Red Globe, Milam, Denman, Loring, Dixiland, Redskin, Jefferson, Surecrop, Belle of Georgia

Zone 4: Springold, Bicentennial, June Gold, Sentinel, Harvester, Red Globe, Summergold, Loring, Milam, Dixiland, Redskin, Jefferson, Belba, Palace, White Hale

Zone 5: Bicentennial, June Gold, Rio Grande, Idlewild, Texstar, TexRoyal, Harvester, La Feliciana, Loring, Dixiland, Redskin, Melba, Palace, White Hale

Zone 6: EarliGrande, FlordaGrande, Florida King, June Gold, La Feliciana, Texstar, Flordaglo, Starlite

Zone 7: EarliGrande, Tropic Beauty, Tropic Sweet, Floridaprince, FlordaGrande, TropicSnow, Flordaglo

Zones1-3: Texas Everbearing, Celeste
Zones 4-5: Texas Everbearing, Celeste, Alma
Zones 6-7: Celeste, Alma

Zones1-3: Bryan, Hungarian, Moorpark
Zones 4-6: Bleinheim, Royal

Zone 2: Eureka, Hachiya
Zones 3-6: Fuyu (Fuyugaki)
Zones 7: Tanenashi, Tamopan

Zones1-3: Redglobe
Zones 1-5: Armking, Crimson Gold
Zones 6-7: Sun Red

Zones 1-3: Morris, Methley, Ozark, Premier, Bruce, Allred
Zones 4-6: Methley, Allred, Bruce
Zones 6-7: Gulfruby, Gulfgold

All Zones: Li, Lang

All Zones: Wonderful

Zone 1: Orient, Moonglow, Ayers, Kieffer, Surecrop, Maxine, LeConte, Magness
Zones 2-4: Orient, Moonglow, Kieffer, LeConte, Ayers, Garber, Maxine
Zones 5-6: Orient, Kieffer, LeConte, Monterrey, Fanstil, Pineapple, Garber

Zones 4-6: Ornamental
Zone 7: Fruit Production

Zone 1: Starkspur G. D., Red Chief, Starkrimson R. D., Smoothee, Top Red, Prime Gold, Jerseymac, Granny Smith, Gala

Zone 2: Top Red, Red Chief, Starkrimson R. D., Starkspur G. D., Smoothee, Prime Gold, Jerseymac, Mollie's Delicious, Granny Smith

Zone 3: Jerseymac, Gala, Starkspur G. D., Starkrimson R. D., Mollie's Delicious, Ozark Gold

Zone 4: Jerseymac, Gala, Mollie's Delicious, Starkrimson R. D., Granny Smith

Zone 5: Ein Sheimer, Anna, Dorsett Gold, Mollie's Delicious, Gala

Zones 6-7: Ein Sheimer, Dorsett Gold, Anna
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