Table 2. Characteristics of some pinto bean varieties grown in Texas.

Disease Reaction**

Variety Growth Habit* Days to Mature Seed/lb. Blight Mosaic Root Rot Rust
Agate I 85 1217 S R S R
Bill Z III 90 1388 S R S R
Cinnabar II 85 1240 S R S S
Flint II 85 1186 T R S S

Olathe III 90 1344 S R S R
Othello II 85 1328 S R R R
Pindak II 85 1450 S R T R
Pinray II 92 1180 S R S S

U.I. 114 III 100 1305 S R S S
U.I. 126 III 95 1343 S R S S
*Growth Habit
I = Bush; determinate growth; upright architecture; short period or flowering.
II = Upright vine; indeterminate growth; upright architecture; longer period of flowering than type I.
III= Prostrate vine; indeterminate growth; prostrate architecture, long flowering period.
**= Disease Reaction
S = Susceptible
R = Resistant
T = Tolerant

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