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Evaluating Turfgrass Problems


People have been asking me is their lawn alive or dead. It's very simple to see. If it's green it's alive. If it's dead it's brown. Okay?

This is dead. This is alive. You need these live sprigs about every four inches or you've got a dead lawn and you're going to have to re-sod. People are asking, "What should we use?" You know we've tried St. Augustine a couple years in a row and it's been killed out. It dies out under the tree in shady areas. The Bermuda grass has to have full sun and it's kind of a mess sometimes. So what we have this year is zoysia.

Now zoysia's been around for a while but we never have been able to get it in these large mats. You've only been able to get it in plugs. This is the best one for the area called Emerald Zoysia. It takes less water, it takes less fertilizer, it requires less mowing, and will also tolerate shade as well as St. Augustine will. So it's a better all around grass and you might want to consider when you replace your St. Augustine using zoysia.

This has been Jerry Parsons Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service the Weekend Gardener.

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