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Emasculating Easter Lilies to Prevent Pollen Staining


There can't be a more beautiful flower associated with the Easter Season than the Easter lilies. They are beautiful this time of the year and available at all the local nurseries, in the supermarkets, and everything else. But when you get one if you want it to stay beautiful what you've got to do take a little sexual action.

Now what we're about to do is graphic, so some of you viewers who love plants and whatever may not be able to tolerate this and want to go to the kitchen or something. What we are going to do is basically de-sex this particular Easter lily. We're going to emasculate it. They call it castrating when you're doing it to folks, but when you're doing it to plants you call it emasculating.

Basically what you do is you go in here with some instrument, you have to be real careful or they scream out, and just cut these anthers, or the male parts, right out of the plant. What that does first of all is that keeps the pollen from being shed and damaging or discoloring the lily you purchased. It also keeps the pollen from getting on you and this pollen will stain your clothes.

So it makes a much more beautiful flower, keeps the pollen from getting all over you, and so far we've had no complaints from these flowers that we've done this to. So at your own discretion be careful, use a sharp instrument because we don't want to hurt these beautiful flowers that signify Easter.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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