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Cutting Back Perennials


This pretty little flower is called Autumn Sage and there are all sorts of different colors its called Salvia greggii and it is supposed to be beautiful in the autumn time and it blooms almost all summer long. But unfortunately a lot of people who planted it are not enjoying anything but ugliness at this time of the year because look at all this dead wood in here. I'm afraid if we don't take some action now that sooner or later this plant's going to go out of popularity because people aren't going to put up with this much ugliness.

What you have to do is simply cut it back. You're not going to kill it because it' a native. If you look, it wants to be cut back - if you look in here you see some little sprouts coming out here, and all this old dead, bare wood needs to be cut off. Just get you some pruning shears, go in here and start cutting these things back. Cut big trunks back, we're talking about just cut them off, so that this new wood can come on out and grow.

Now there are many other plants that are in this same situation that need to be cut back at this time of the year. For instance, this is a little Provonnia that people consider a beautiful flowering plant, but as you see, it too will get scraggly and needs to be cut back. The lantana that many of us talked about earlier on this year has very few blooms on it and the rest of the bush is really ugly, so it too needs to be cut back. So if you expect to have pretty fall color this year and pretty fall blooms, cut them back now and they will give you fall color about November.

This has been Jerry Parsons Vegetable Specialist with the Texas Department of Extension.

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