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Applying Herbicides to Bermudagrass


It seems like this year people are having a tough decision whether they want St. Augustine or whether they want Bermuda. A lot of people are thinking they want Bermuda because that's all they have left after the cold weather killed the St. Augustine.

Well if you want to make that decision and you're growing pretty Bermuda turf, which you will do if you've been mowing short and watering less because Bermuda is more drought tolerant, you will have selected basically for Bermuda. But people want to get the St. Augustine out and make sure they have a pure Bermuda lawn. We can tell you how to do that. All you have to do is use a product such as these right here that contain MSMA or DSMA which when sprayed on St. Augustine or any broadleaf weed will kill it immediately.

A lot of us obviously have dead spots in our St. Augustine because of the zero temperatures that we've had. St Augustine is a tropical grass. It will not take cold temperature. If you want to reestablish it you will just have to do exactly that and re-sod it. There is no seed of St. Augustine. You will have to re-sod it, start mowing it taller to encourage it and favor it over Bermuda if you want to develop St. Augustine lawns again.

St. Augustine will be favored in shadier areas, as well as Zoysia, over Bermuda because they are somewhat shade tolerant. They don't like it, but they'll tolerate it. However if you want to choose Bermuda spray it with these MSDA or DSMA products and you're going to have Bermuda and nothing but Bermuda until death do you part.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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