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Controlling Weeds and Fireants in Lawns


Well you can't fool me. When these weeds get about head high I think it's time to start mowing. The most important thing is we've mowed our grass about twice so it's actually time to put out your fertilization so you'll be fertilizing the lawn rather than the weeds.

Now the way we want to fertilize is use slow release fertilizer that will release over a ten-week period of time and will actually be there when the grass needs it rather than washing into our water table. So look for the slow release on the bag. It will say either slow release or long lasting or it may even say it contains sulfur coated urea, and you want at least 50% in there.

Now as you're mowing your grass you're also going to notice that there are ants running around. This eight point buck ran across my yard last night and this is the only thing left of him after those fireants got him. They will eat your flesh and they'll do this to your legs as well.

Now there are two ways to get rid of them. You can do it the organic way with things like Affirm or some of those types of things, but they take about three or four months. When you have ants as mean as I've got, you have to get rid of them quick. So you need to use some of these fast acting either drenches or baits, such as Amdro, things like that, that act a little bit faster. Or some of the actual powders that you put on top of them such as Orthene and Diazinon, some of those. So get rid of your fireants in your lawn, and kind of get these weeds down so you can have a beautiful lawn and a beautiful summer having a good time on your lawn this year.

This is Jerry Parsons Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service the Weekend Gardener.

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