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One thing the rain has done lately is it sure made some of our plants grow, especially our ground covers such as Asiatic Jasmine and Ivy and things like that. They've grown real well, the new plantings, but what also has grown in them is some Bermuda grass, or certain types of grasses, and they're hard as a devil to get out. In fact, the more you pull them, the more you tug on them and try to pull them out, probably the faster they break off and they just take root and begin to grow again. Also when you pull on them you're probably killing some of your jasmine and things that you don't want to kill.

There is a wonderful new product on the market. It contains an ingredient called Fusilade and it's called Grass-B-Gon by Ortho. And so the best way to get rid of grass and things out of Asiatic jasmine, or from around shrubs, from around flowers and things like that because this particular product only kills grasses. It doesn't kill broad leaf plants, which includes most flowers, all shrubs, and all groundcover.

So you just spray it. You just simply spray it around and that will take care of the grass in about ten days. Over here if you look you'll see some brown grass that has been sprayed about ten days ago and it is no longer. So now don't pull it, don't hoe it, just spray it and kill it.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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