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Pecan Twig Girdling Insects


Well you know I've been out here working all day whittling on this pecan tree. Didn't I do a nice neat job? I don't have the patience to do that good a job. Something Mother Nature invented has to do that, and that's caused by an insect, the twig girdler, if you can imagine such a thing like that.

It's a little insect that sits on the limb and she uses this to deposit her eggs. In fact if you look right here you see a place where the eggs have been deposited right at the end of my knife. So they deposit their eggs, cut this limb off, and the limb falls to the ground. The way to control this insect, and for some reason they're worse this year than I've ever seen them since I've been here, all you do is remove the old limbs that fall off and dispose of them because you'll be throwing away the egg that will hatch into the bugs next year.

One of the strangest insects you'll ever see is the hardback bug. The interesting thing about it is for you ladies, most of these come out at night. So they must be night bugs I guess, and they do their business at night and of course as you ladies know the female does all the work.

This is Jerry Parsons Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service the Weekend Gardener.

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