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Controlling Brown Patch on Lawns


Well you know it's too early to be fertilizing your lawn so what are you doing with your fertilizer spreader out? You're trying to control this brown patch.

Now brown patch is a disease that we see moving into our lawns and it is what is says, its brown patches. Most of the time we only see this in the early spring, right after the grass begins to green up a little bit, and in the late fall. But look, here it is January and we're seeing the full-blown cases of it, I mean taking the entire yard.

The problem is our grass is still green. It hadn't been cold enough to kill the grass, and we've had moisture and cool temperature, which favors brown patch, so it's spreading like gangbuster. Now what we need to do is actually treat it. We use the same products that we use in the spring and early fall. That's something that contains Terrachlor or Bayleton, and just spread that about two to three feet around the surface that this is spreading and also in the area that is damaged.

Now lots of people say, "How I know its brown patch and not just grass dying?" If you look at brown patch you'll see green springs of grass within the brown area that is browning out. So keep this from spreading so your grass will be pretty and will green up for you normally. Remember you won't cure this you'll just stop it from spreading.

This is Jerry Parsons Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service the Weekend Gardener.

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