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Preparing Your Spring Garden


[Pulling up plants; tilling]

Those are the sounds of Christmas and the sounds of New Years. They sound like the sounds of gardening and that's exactly what it is. The tomato plants that we have hanging around in our garden and some of the broccoli plants still have some fruit on them. But this fruit is as ripe as it's going to get and these plants are about as dead as they're going to get and they should be removed.

Another thing we need to consider at this time of the year is we've been in a drought. The soil is real dry and very workable at this time of the year. If it was to start raining in a couple or three weeks, and we hope it does, you may not be able to really prepare your soil like you'd like to. It wouldn't really work up as nice as it will if you prepare it while the soil moisture is just right in it.

So what I'm saying is clean your garden up at this time of the year, work it up and fertilize it like you're getting ready for spring because believe it or not spring is here. In about thirty days we'll be talking about planting English peas, and we'll be talking about planting transplants of onions. So gardening time is here and some of the sounds that you should be hearing at this time of the year is garden preparation.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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