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People always want to try something new and you always want to try something that grows it in Texas. We've got something that fits that category on both here that everybody's going to want to have in their yard. It's called Firebush, and it has many many characteristics that's really going to make it fit for our growing conditions.

First of all it grows. Second of all you only have to buy it once because it's a perennial, it'll come back year after year and people really love it. One of the things we miss down in this country is foliage, this pretty red colored foliage especially in the fall. In the fall this foliage will turn blood red. So it'll give you some fall color as well.

So everybody wants something that blooms. OK, if you do check this out for a bloom. We're talking about blooming all summer long. A tubular bloom, which after it blooms it falls off so it's always a beautiful bloom cluster, and the hummingbirds go wild after it. You'll have to beat them off with a tennis racket as a matter of fact.

This is one called firebush; it's available in your local nurseries now. Remember, you can grow it in stone, it needs full sun, it will reach a height of about 5-6 ft, and it will kill back to the ground every year, but come back every spring and continue to give you beauty year after year. It is on the market now so give it a try.

This is Jerry Parsons Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service the Weekend Gardener.

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