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Because of all the spring rains and hot weather we've had, our gardens look like hell with the fire out! It's time to pull all these plants up and get rid of them and destroy them. The best thing to do is when you do pull them up and get them out of the ground, don't try to compost them, give them to the garbage man. If you have grass, most of it can be pulled out with a little elbow grease, but if you have Bermuda grass you probably need to use something like one of the glyphosate products to get rid of it. Within seven to ten days it will be dead all the way to the root.

If you look around your garden you are going to find some other things that you need to get rid of. Maybe some fire ants. You definitely need to get rid of these things before you start tilling around, especially if you till when you're barefooted because they will find you in a hurry and eat you up just like their eating me up here. Get some of the liquid quick kill products like the diazinon and kill them before you plant your garden because once you plant your garden there is nothing that you can legally use in there to get rid of them.

Then the next thing to do is get you a rototiller, a shovel, a little elbow grease, and get out there and get with it; get that garden ready for fall. In a couple of weeks we will tell you which transplants to use and how to plant them.

If you need more information on exactly how to prepare your garden at this time of year send me a self addressed stamped envelope to the Weekend Gardener address: which is of course P.O. Box 380391 zip code 78280 and I'll send that to you.

This has been Jerry Parsons Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service the Weekend Gardener.

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