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Sweet Texas Onions


Go down to the grocery at this time of the year and you look around, you've got apples and onions to choose between. Which should you buy?

Eat that 'ol apple. That suckers old as I am. It's been in storage that long.

What about that onion? That onion was just harvested out of the Texas field. Sweet as sugar.

A lot of controversy has been given to the onion lately as to which is sweeter, the Texas Onion, or the Vidalia Georgia Onion, or some of these other off brand onions that they're selling. You can tell the difference in a Vidalia onion, if it's really a Vidalia onion, because it's kind of flat like this rather than kind of torpedo shaped like this one. This is that foreign onion that really came from Texas, if you knew the truth. We grow the transplants, send them to Georgia, they grow the onions and send them back to us.

Why shouldn't we grow our own products and eat our best of all products, the onion called the Texas A&M 10-15 onion. You can't beat it as far as sweetness is concerned. In fact, the Georgia people quit having a contest to see which one's the sweetest because we've beat them so many times. This is the Texas A&M 10-15 onion. In some stores it even has a 10-15 mark on there.

So if you want the best and sweetest onion don't get any of these foreign brands, stick with the Texas A&M onion.

This has been Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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