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The First Tomatoes


Man, there is nothing better than the first ripe tomato and I have it. I know you haven't, but I'm a gardener so I'm supposed to have it. The problem is when you get these early tomatoes you've grown from containers and they set fruit at the wrong time of the year, sometimes they turn out ugly. Man, they're ugly. They're still good to eat, but they ugly as your ex-spouse's attitude. You know what I mean?

They're still good to eat, but it's a sex thing. That might have been what happened with your ex-spouse. But this is a sex thing that didn't get pollinated properly. But they'll work it out after they start ripening up and down the vine.

What will happen to you is your leaves will start dying on the bottom. That's a fungus disease called Altenaria. (I like to impress folks with those big names.) But all you have to do to keep that under control use is this Daconil every seven days. ?Til death do you part about every seven days and that will keep this fungus from spreading all the way up the plant and killing the leaves, which will make to tomatoes bigger and sweeter. And Lord have mercy that's the way we want them. Put a little side dress fertilizer every three weeks, Ammonium Sulfate or something like that and you will have these big sweet beauties all summer long.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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