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Growing Tomatoes in the Fall


Well if you have any produce left in your garden at all you're lucky, because it's been hot and then what the hot didn't get the rainy, wet weather did. So if you want to cut back your peppers and whatever for fall, they will produce but they'll never produce large fruit like we would if we started off with new peppers, which we have over here.

Now of course everyone likes to grow peppers, but people really like to grow tomatoes. Now, you have a choice this year in the local area and it is extremely important you make the right choice in variety and also make the right choice in plant. You can either get one of these larger more expensive plants, or you can get one of these smaller, what we call peat pot plants. And either one of them will do the job if you plant them right, if you take car of them.

The best way to plant both of them, if you have drip irrigation in your garden, of course is turn your drip system on, look where this water is coming out, and just plant these plants right where the drip water is coming out, and they will take off. If it gets dry, you operate that system about an hour a day everyday, and it'll keep those little plants watered optimal.

These larger plants, of course, will take off faster and recent research from Texas A&M indicates you get 2-3 times more production out of these larger plants than you will from six of these little ones when they die. So you might want to invest in the big ones, plant them now, make sure you use extension recommended varieties, and you should have good production this fall.

This is Jerry Parsons, Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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