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Growing Cactus


Cactus Growing

Everybody wants to grow flowers. It just depends on how serious you want to grow them, as to how much you want to work to grow them.

Of course, this is the queen of flowers I guess, the American National flower, and they are kind of difficult to grow in this area. But if you need more information on exactly how to grow them, or you're having trouble growing yours and you want to know exactly what the trouble is you're having, you should make plants to attend the San Antonio Rose Societies Show, tomorrow (Saturday) from twelve to six at the Windsor Park Mall. There will be rosarians over there, they can tell you exactly how to grow these queen of flowers, so to speak.

But a lot of us in this area really don't have good rose growing soil. In fact some of us may have this kind of condition that I am sitting on and that's solid stone. For those of you who have that condition, you might want to consider growing cactus. And if you are really into water conservation cactus may be the answer to your problem.

Again, if you want to see some beautiful cactus, and they can be beautiful and definitely can keep people from running through your yard when you don't want them to, then you need to visit the people over at Central Park Mall because the Cactus Society of San Antonio is also having their show and sale at Central Park Mall today and also tomorrow ending about six o'clock.

So whichever one of these beauties you want you can now get all the information you need on them to learn how to grow them the best that they can be grown in your area.

This is Jerry Parsons Vegetable Specialist for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Weekend Gardener.

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